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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Housing Finance Repayments

Lodging fund encourages responsibility for dream home. That is all the vast majority need to think about home advances. Yet, that is recently the tip of the icy mass. Home credits resemble a marriage. Whatever sum is spent on wedding, the marriage matters. You can go hunting high and down and out the best home advance or snatch the principal offer you get. You have to reimburse home credit EMIs reliably. That is the most critical element for a borrower and in addition a loan specialist. In whole home credit prepare, home advance qualification criteria may appear to be imperative. In any case, it comes down to EMI once you leave all necessary signatures.

Along these lines, we should streamline lodging credit reimbursements for you. When you are making month to month home credit reimbursements, you require a three-side technique to secure your benefit – your fantasy home. The three sides are :


Housing loan EMI is at the crux of entire repayment strategy. You need to finalise an EMI you can afford. What does that mean? A young and single guy can afford even a 50% of monthly income as EMI. But, a married couple may have higher expenses. Therefore, borrower must ensure that EMI is lower than 30% of active monthly income through the house loan tenure. That is easier said than done. However, it is a worthwhile thought process for every house loan borrower.


There are several repayments options for housing finance. They allow you to start big or start small and adjust the rest of the funds accordingly. But, either way, there is a risk. You need to save enough every month. Can you save a sufficient amount every month with non-contingencies such as utility bills, taxes, and insurance premiums? Ensure that your monthly savings allow you to repay EMI without any fiscal issues. It is one of the reasons why it is best to have a housing loan EMI lower than 30% of monthly income. A survey shows that most Indians can save 30% of their income comfortably.

Backup plan

Are you prepared for contingencies? When you consider a housing finance, most people fail to take it into account. E.g.: In spite of health insurance premiums, most people need to pay several expenses during a medical emergency. If you do not have a backup plan for house loan EMI, you will get further trapped during one of these crisis situations. Therefore, you need a backup plan that allows you to save up for a rainy day. Save it in a liquid asset like a fixed deposit so that you can use it as and when required.

Common Hampers faced by Home Loan Borrowers

Returning home advance is an unwieldy procedure. It looks less complex in bank ads however harder it is to profit as you need to face some rough streets in the whole procedure. To make it a bother free process, the most widely recognized issues with cures have been talked about here.

Initially Stage Rejection

It might appear to be interesting however many home credit candidates get rejected at the main stage because of the hole between moneylender’s necessities and borrower’s qualification. In this way it is recommended to know the prerequisites and states of the bank that you expect to apply and after that make a tick list whether you qualify the conditions or not.

Processing Fees

Generally banks state that the processing fee of home loan is non- refundable no matter whether your application is approved or rejected. In some cases banks state that the fee is refundable but when it comes the stage of refunding you do not get it. You should get the statement in written about the fee refund.

Desired Loan Amount Not Sanctioned

If you have been rejected for the loan amount that you have applied due to the repayment capability, then you can enhance your eligibility by adding any of your earning family members as co-borrower. In addition you can keep NSC’s funds, provident funds, and LIC policies as collateral and may increase your chances to get the desired loan amount.

Interest Rate Dilemma

It is the biggest dilemma that a borrower faces- floating rate or fixed rate? If you are opting floating rate, you need to check and verify the history of banks when the rates were lowered and how the bank dropped the rates during that times. In case of fixed rate also you need to read carefully the terms and conditions.

Property Valuation

The value of the property quoted by you and then valuated by bank may vary with a significant amount. To avert this gap you can do the proper valuation of your property by appointing a bank approved valuator.

The Down Payment

A borrower is liable to fund a fixed amount as down payment which is generally 10 to 20% of total value of the property. This amount needs to be deposited before the disbursement of the loan.

Documentation Problems

There is a particular format in which the title deeds and NOC documents must be furnished. If you won’t provide necessary documents in the prescribed format then you may get yourself in trouble. To avoid these kind of situations know all about the documents beforehand and furnish them in stipulated time.

Due to the massive competition in the market banks often come up with the lucrative advertisements but end with the heartbroken applicants.

Equipment Finance Options

Numerous entrepreneurs depend on business gear back to finance the buy of costly hardware. Setting up or updating a business can be an expensive wander. Indeed, even gainful organizations might be hesitant to tie up their capital in another buy and abandon themselves powerless against changes in the monetary atmosphere and back challenges later on. Be that as it may, with gear back, the organization can spending plan the month to month cost and guarantee the liquidity of their income.

Equipment Finance Providers

Although your high street bank may offer business loans, there are a number of specialized lenders offering equipment finance and commercial equipment finance deals. There are a number of different finance options and each lender may specialise in a particular niche. While it may be tempting to try and save a few dollars on their equipment finance Perth business owners are likely to find this a tedious and time consuming task. It can be a far better idea to work with a broker, who already has relationships with a number of specialist lenders. In fact, often these lenders offer exclusive deals to the broker for their clients. The broker can assess your requirements and assist you in finding the lender best suited to meet your needs.

Typical Terms of Commercial Equipment Finance

The specific terms will depend greatly on your particular requirements. Some lenders offer short term loans, but for this significant a purchase, you will likely be offered a loan term of five to ten years. Some companies even offer longer terms. There may be a requirement for a balloon payment at the end of the finance term, but this will depend on the specific terms of the agreement. This type of balloon payment typically requires that you use a cash payment or refinance to settle the loan balance. There are also short term options with commercial bridge loans. These are typically easier to secure and allow you to borrow up to 65% of the equipment value. However, this type of loan can be a viable alternative if you are expecting a large payment from a customer in the near future.

Penalties and Fees

Again, this will vary according to the specific terms of your loan. You may find that there are early repayment fees applied to the loan, should you find you are able to settle the loan before the end of the term. These are often a percentage of the loan balance, so they can be quite costly. If early repayment is a possibility, you should look for finance options with low or no early repayment fees. Additionally, you should check the other fees or charges which may apply to your loan. For example, although you will aim to make your payments on time each month, there may be occasions when you are a little behind. In these instances, are you going to be hit with a big late repayment charge? It is worth comparing these terms when you look at the different deals on offer. You may regret saving a few dollars on a finance package if you find fees and charges increase the total cost in the long term.